Month: December 2022

Happy New Year!

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We’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as we usher out 2022 and welcome 2023. Make sure you keep your new resolutions! Our 2022 was very mixed. We moved out east to Nova Scotia and that was a big thing for us. However, we lost both of our dogs this year, Erin lost […]

Project Update

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Quick update on the project I was hoping to get involved in as we near the end of the year. Seems to be in a holding pattern right now. Project is being spearheaded by another former SMF member who is really driving everything from planning to implementing so far. I’m super excited to see this […]

Bored – Not Sure What To Do

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Over halfway through my vacation and I’ve done nothing of note. I’m literally just sitting here bored and unsure of what I feel like doing really. This indecisiveness is really starting to bother me as it’s been hanging around for months at least. It’s not just during my vacation but goes further back. For quite […]

I Miss The Snow!

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Both Erin and I love the snow. Not a huge fan of driving in it I suppose but we both like seeing it snow! Working from home allows us to skip a commute in the snow at least which probably allows us to like it more than the average person. We moved out to Nova […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! For those that don’t celebrate Christmas a very happy holidays! I hope everyone gets to spend time with their families, eat some great meals, and just has a safe and happy holiday. This is our first Christmas out in Nova Scotia. My first Christmas in over […]

Halfway Done Vacation

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I am roughly half done my vacation already for this nice little winter break. Went in with no solid plans and so far it’s really shown. I haven’t done much and now the guilt starts to set in around not doing anything with my time. Spent most of the first couple of days napping, catching […]

Having Fun in the Pro Baseball Experience

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Categories: Video Games

Years ago I picked up a game called FPS Baseball. I have always been into stats and sports and this game changed things for me. I guess I could go even further back and look at Baseball Stars for the NES where I was first really getting into stats and I was just entering my […]

Saying Goodbye to Bella

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The year continues to be cruel to Erin and I. We already lost one of our dogs back in August when we lost Sam and tonight we lost our other dog Bella. We’re both big softies so this is extremely hard for us. It’s never an easy decision to have to let your pet go. […]

Holidays Have Begun!

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Every year I take a couple of weeks off over Christmas time. it allows me to recharge and I often try to use it to learn something, develop something, or sometimes, waste it away literally doing nothing. As of this evening that time off has officially begun! While I’m excited to get some rest, I […]

Things Have Been a Little Slow

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There hasn’t been much on the go this week. I’ve been focused on getting a few things sorted out for work before my vacation arrives. I have a few tasks coming up including a couple of surprise ones I need to squeeze in before I leave for my vacation time. Most of my learning has […]