Bored – Not Sure What To Do

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Over halfway through my vacation and I’ve done nothing of note. I’m literally just sitting here bored and unsure of what I feel like doing really. This indecisiveness is really starting to bother me as it’s been hanging around for months at least. It’s not just during my vacation but goes further back.

For quite some time I have been debating what to do with my time. I am not sure what project I should hop into or what new language or framework I should learn. As a result I’m wasting just as much time now as I was when I was playing MMOs constantly.

While there is a project possibly coming up that I can get involved with, it’s still in it’s infancy so I’m not sure where that will go. If that comes up and takes off I definitely have a direction and can pour all kinds of hours into that.

If said project doesn’t come together then I am left thinking of what I want to do. I’d love to rewrite some of our work systems in current PHP but I also am hesitant to spend hours and hours doing it all in my free time lately. I also have this strong pull towards C# for some reason. I can’t explain it, perhaps because it’s new to me and it’s so versatile? I can always invest back into Flutter since I haven’t done much advanced work with it yet and that seems to be doing well.

There are plenty of options but then I become paralyzed on the decision of a project to make. It’s so weird to me. At least with Erin starting to learn some stuff I can help her along and that is fun. She applied for a huge web dev course put on by our province and if she gets into that, it’s something I can help her with and have fun with.

Until then I guess I’ll just sit here…browsing the web.

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