Dwarf Fortress on Steam!

Posted in December 6, 2022 by

Categories: Video Games

I am a huge fan of simulation type games. I have spent countless hours in various games out there but one I never did play was the original Dwarf Fortress. The old ascii graphics I just couldn’t get over. This week it releases on Steam with some cute pixel graphics so I definitely purchased it.

I have only scratched the surface (literally as I’m only a few layers down) but so far this game is fantastic! I’ve been working away on my little fortress and making sure my dwarves are all happy. The subreddit for the game has a friendly bunch and have answered some of my questions but there is a lot to learn.

While the ascii graphics of old may have been hard to get into I feel I definitely missed out on this gem a long time ago and am glad I hopped in right away. This is the type of game I could sink hours into!

Now I just need to learn how to put it down so I can focus on my coding!

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