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Years ago I picked up a game called FPS Baseball. I have always been into stats and sports and this game changed things for me. I guess I could go even further back and look at Baseball Stars for the NES where I was first really getting into stats and I was just entering my teens years. However, FPS Baseball by Sierra is what really changed things for me as it was playable online and I created a league.

The internet was just starting to take off and when Sierra canceled the series I found Out of the Park Baseball which still runs to this day with new releases each year. I started my league and ran it for eight real years. It would involve people running each team, sending in lineups and then simulating the games and uploading the results.

I missed that community experience much like I miss the SMF community experience so I started looking around for leagues to join and stumbled across one I found super interesting. Pro Baseball Experience is unique in that it adds in a little role play I guess you could say. People create a player with a set amount of points then can get more points over time for doing league activities.

For myself, I thought this would be super fun so created a character and got started. It’s been around a month but so far my player has take part in a prospects league, was drafted, and is now in spring training in the minor leagues. The league is super active and there are a lot of people taking part in running things and keeping things smooth.

I have to make sure I keep time free for developing, learning, etc but so far the league is super fair for your time. If anyone is interested they should definitely look up the Pro Baseball Experience.

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