Holidays Have Begun!

Posted in December 16, 2022 by

Categories: Personal

Every year I take a couple of weeks off over Christmas time. it allows me to recharge and I often try to use it to learn something, develop something, or sometimes, waste it away literally doing nothing.

As of this evening that time off has officially begun! While I’m excited to get some rest, I don’t get to share it with Erin this year as she has to work all the way through the holidays. While that means we can’t do things together, it also means I have more free time while she’s working!

I don’t currently have anything planned although there was a possible project starting but that may be up in the air still so I’ll need to check into that. If that falls through not only will I be a bit disappointed but I’ll have to think of something else to get into. I could always just rest up, but I like to feel productive even on days off.

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