I Miss The Snow!

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Both Erin and I love the snow. Not a huge fan of driving in it I suppose but we both like seeing it snow! Working from home allows us to skip a commute in the snow at least which probably allows us to like it more than the average person.

We moved out to Nova Scotia in July and despite people saying last winter here was very bad, it’s been very green so far. This week we had a big wind and rain storm and it was 11C out. Meanwhile, where we moved from had a multi day blizzard and they had to close all kinds of roads. I miss the snow!

Luckily after the warm wind and rain storm it did manage to drop a couple of centimeters on the ground and we pretty much as a white Christmas. It just never feels right on Christmas when it’s green and brown out there.

We don’t do much in the snow but for a long time I’ve wanted to do cross country skiing on some trails I just worry about my knees especially since I currently have a partially torn ligament in my right knee. The other snow activity I always wanted to get Erin to try was snowmobiling. Unfortunately there has never been prolonged periods of time where there is a lot of snow so we didn’t want to buy a snowmobile and have it sit most of the year. Maybe one year I’ll take her on a trip to Quebec again and go snowmobiling.

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