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As I have stated before I kind of fell out of keeping myself updated and learning. There wasn’t really motivation there and one thing that always held me back (besides a video game) was having a project to fully inject myself into. It’s starting to come back!

You get into a routine at work and kind of go through the paces. I’ve been at the same company for over 15 years now. Love the people there and love the family feel of things but you don’t always get the new stuff coming down the pipe to work on. The exciting stuff. There is a lot of maintenance of the legacy code base and adding on often small not exciting features. It sounds like I am knocking the company I work for not that’s not the case at all, I love it there.

It just doesn’t lend well to inspiration or passion. Don’t get me wrong, on occasion there will be a cool feature or something neat to work on from time to time. Making the app for the company in Flutter was super fun! However, this isn’t always the case. Being part of a smaller company also means I have less peers to talk to. I often talk to my boss on an almost daily basis and he’s a great guy. We can bounce ideas off each other and debug stuff together on a call and that is actually fun for me.

Recently I’ve been chatting with an old friend from my SMF days, a guy who guys by the name of Arantor. Arantor is a pretty intelligent guy and often knows a lot about many things. If I didn’t already have imposter syndrome I’d have it after talking to him for sure! Seriously though, it’s been really great chatting with him and almost every time we chat I am pumped about something. Maybe it’s learning something new or a possible project, it just feels good.

He’s basically reignited that passion for me and programming again. The last couple of months I have been super excited to be doing things, learning, and planning. I said it feels good but it really feels amazing. I miss that feeling. I want to learn things. I want to make things. It makes me feel like good things are coming and possible again!

Thanks Arantor!

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