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I’m a huge fan of sim games. Ran a sim baseball league online for years and have taken part in others as well as a couple of hockey ones. Was recently looking at other sim type of games and came across this racing game which is apparently quite in depth.

Haven’t always been a big fan of racing games as I generally suck at the ones that are more sim based as opposed to their arcade brothers and sisters but this one really intrigues me since there is so much depth and stats online.

After reading a lot about it and seeing they had a Black Friday deal for the game I figured I’d give it a shot but I kept seeing people talk about wheel and pedal controls. I don’t have a set of those and have never used one before so I had to ask – is it necessary to have a wheel and pedal or is a controller good enough?

Well you’d think I asked them if the game sucked. Some answers were helpful but some were kind of nasty suggesting if I can’t afford a wheel and pedal controller then the game isn’t for me and other friendly replies.

I asked around more and got pretty much the same reply – a wheel and pedals were required if I wanted to not get frustrated. I just didn’t want to drop $300 on something I wasn’t sure if I’d even like yet. Yes, you read that right. $300 was the lowest Logitech price ON SALE for a wheel and pedals.

So what did I do? I bought the game anyway and when I try some controller racing I’ll post an update!

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