Learning: C# With Erin

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For those that don’t know, Erin is my wife. She is not a programmer at all but I’d love for her to be if she wanted to. To see if she has any interest she register for a course called Introduction to C# Programming from the University of Waterloo and their professional development courses.

While she signed up for it, I also joined it to go through the program with her and help her along the way. We’re a few weeks into the course now and lessons come out on Wednesdays and Fridays and it’s not terrible so far. It’s extremely basic so a good course for her to get started but one I have been skimming over then doing the quizzes as it covers extreme basics like variables, data types, operators etc.

She says it’s not bad but the entire thing is all written text. There are no videos, just big walls of text and she feels that not everything is explained when they are expected to code something but I’ve been able to steer her in the right direction when she has questions.

I’m hoping she can get through the introduction and be interested enough in taking the intermediate course where they actually get into GUI stuff but we’ll see. I’ve also asked her what she’d have interest in doing. Web, desktop, server, game, etc but she’s unsure still. Regardless it’s been fun for the couple of weeks we’ve been doing it.

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