Learning: PHP And C#

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As I dive into some learning I had to pick a few things I wanted to look at. Something I’ve neglected over the years is keeping up with some of the latest changes to the programming I use on a daily basis since my current placement doesn’t require any of the new stuff. Time for me to learn it though!

For PHP, I mostly work with legacy PHP code. We don’t use frameworks or use things like composer and only recently got some version control going so it’s still very legacy type of work. I’ve wanted to update my skill set for quite some time and finally decided to do that and picked up a course on Symfony. I hadn’t really used a framework before and wanted to dive in and see what all the fuss was about.

So far I’ve actually enjoyed learning it and it was some very cool concepts and ways of doing things and I can see why people are always suggesting using them since it has a lot of things baked in. It’s not too bad so far to learn and the only real thing I think I may have to review so far is the use of Doctrine and the relationships in tables but I want to keep going and making a little project with it.

When it comes to C#, I’ve always really liked the idea of the language. I love that it can be used for all sorts of areas in development. Can use it in web, desktop, mobile, and game development. I had a little project I was making in PHP but decided to see if I could make a desktop program to do the same thing so picked up a course on Windows Presentation Foundation and really like it so far making a basic calculator in the first section. One of the things I’ve learned already is that the select a directory dialog i used in Winforms isn’t available in WPF so it’s something I’ll be looking at next.

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