Looking At Puppies!

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We are both dog lovers. They are fantastic pets to add to the family as they make such great companions and really enhance ones life. Since we lost both of our dogs this year after thirteen years, it’s the first time we’ve been without a dog in quite some time.

The last couple of weeks we’ve (mostly I) have been checking out different dog breeds, seeing what would be a good fit for our home and looking at puppies! You can never go wrong with looking at adorable puppies to kill some time!

Some of the criteria we’ve been looking at includes good with kids (since Erin is expecting late February), barks less than other breeds, then things like shedding and friendliness to other humans and animals.

The top two we’ve found so far include the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a French Bulldog. From there we’ve checked out Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Labrador Retriever and Irish Setters. We still have some research to do and it’s not an immediate thing but we’re definitely having fun looking!

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