Losing Weight Sucks

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For someone that just likes food, losing weight sucks. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve tried to lose weight but I’m gearing up for yet another attempt.

I HATE having my picture taken. I have very few pictures of myself as I just hate seeing myself in them. I see them and think yep, need to lose some weight but it’s a pain in the ass to get started and even harder to keep it going. With a baby on the way that means lots of pictures and if people expect me to be in those pictures I need to trim down.

It’s been done before! I’ve actually lost weight before going from 200 down to 170 on a couple of occasions but I always end up right back where I started after time because I end up eating the bad foods again. When people say it’s a lifestyle change they aren’t kidding, it really is and it’s not easy. At all.

So here I go again, I’ve got under three months to shed some weight. 80 days to be exact until the due date which of course can be sooner or later but I have a deadline approaching!

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