World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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The newest World of Warcraft expansion launched this week. I keep telling myself I am done playing the game but I always get sucked in by new expansion to see how they are. This happened again.

I have barely played the game in months and if I look at the last year it’s even less but we decided to buy this expansion again. We have a group of friends we’ve played with for years so it was always fun getting together and playing with them.

The new expansion has a lot of new creatures and models which is something I really like but the new dragon riding feature I just do not like at all. Not sure if I don’t have the hang of it or what but I hate it and instead ride around on my old fox mount.

70 came pretty quick even though I leveled a holy priest by myself the whole way but now that I’m 70 I really have no desire to play more. I often blame the game for my lack of personal growth over the last 15 or so years due to how much I played it (lets be honest, I’m the one to blame not a game) so at a time where I’ve picked up learning again I don’t know if I want to sink time into the game.

Not only that but our group of friends feels like they have moved on without us this time. We didn’t play for quite sometime and they were running mythic plus dungeons so they’ve kind of forgotten about us I guess.

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