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The new year has begun and one of the things I really wanted to do was get involved with something. With the project kind of on hold right now, I will turn my attention to some personal growth. Also doing so will be my wife Erin which should be fun!

For Erin there is a program here where we live that is sponsored by the government that we have applied to for her. It is a web development course and covers a good range of things. it will start off with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It then teaches about git and GitHub, cloud computing, and security compliance. After that it then goes into a lot of PHP along with mySQL. Next comes some lessons on node.js, React, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, Flutter, and finally Figma. So it covers a wide range of things and would be really great for her to get involved in. We’ve applied and now we wait, the email said she should hear by January 19th so a couple of weeks still.

For myself, if she gets into that program I’ll probably be helping her with her things if she has questions and then starting something for myself. I’m still torn on where to go. I have had a desire to learn C# for quite some time as I really like it’s flexibility but on the other hand I think perhaps it’s best to expand on my current knowledge and area of expertise and pickup Laravel/Symfony and a frontend like React/Vue/Svelte.

If I lean into C# I will push hard into it with Tim Coreys master course and see where I can take things. If I go the other direction I still have to decide what frameworks I will look at first and I am still undecided.

I also wouldn’t mind updating my Flutter knowledge. While I can use it enough now to make updates and additions for work, there is still a lot to learn and I really like how easy it is to make apps with.

So the plan is to really lean into things beginning in February. I will try to come up with a solid plan by then so I can focus on getting things done. Things can also change and alter what i end up doing. If the project I wanted to get involved in takes off, I will get into that and have less learning time. If at work we come up with something new, I’d most likely dig into that. But the plan is to learn this year!

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